Mobile Testing Cheat Sheet

Posted Jun 26th, 2016

Manual mobile testing cheat sheet

Organising manual tests and testing patterns can be very beneficial when performing manual tests, helping to focus at one thing at a time and keeping the testing pattern consistent. But organising tests and results and building templates takes up so much time, right?

That's why we have created a free downloadable mobile testing cheat sheet for you, with the help of TestObject manual testers!

You can use this cheat-sheet to start your with manual testing, or just to revise your current structure and improve it. This spreadsheet, based on the "7 Golden Rules for Mobile Manual Testing" should help you to:

  • Decide which use cases will be tested manually

  • Choose and stick to a click path throughout your whole testing session on different devices

  • Analyze relevant factors to determine the devices to test on, based your target market research

  • Keep your test results organised

The downloadable spreadsheet contains the following tabs


The first sheet contains the instructions on how to use the other two sheets. You should read them carefully and go back to it whenever you need help or you forget how to evaluate your research results.


The second sheet called “Research”, it’s where you put together your research information. Here you will decide which use cases are to be tested manually; define your click path for each use case and the assertion for each click. This will help you keep your focus on what you are testing at all times on all the devices.

Pie charts will help you evaluate specific data based on your target market. The tables are to be filled in with relevant market specific data – the pie charts will change accordingly. With the help of these pie charts you can search for the best devices for your target market to test on.

Testing & Tracking

The third sheet called “Testing & Tracking” should be used during your testing sessions. The data such as click path and click assertions, as well as the testing devices, will be pulled in from the “Research” sheet.

The first blank column after the device’s names in every table has a dropdown menu to help you see in just one look whether the app has passed, has bugs, needs verification or has other issues on a specific device.

Download the free mobile testing cheat sheet and start organising your manual testing better today!


Mobile Testing Cheat Sheet


Written by

Ely Hechtel


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