Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 may be out of date within weeks: Sauce Labs

Posted Oct 14th, 2010

Published by Rafael Ruffolo, IT Business CA, 9/20/10 While Microsoft Corp.'s (NASDAQ: MSFT) new Internet Explorer 9 release is receiving positive reviews for its faster performance and streamlined user interface, the launch failed to address the company's antiquated release cycle, according to software testing firm Sauce Labs Inc. The San Francisco-based firm is calling on Microsoft to stop developing IE in two-year cycles, which it said will continue to leave many businesses stranded on older versions of the browser. To make this point, Sauce Labs pointed to the monster that “just won't die,” IE6, highlighting a decision made last month by the U.K. government to stick with the browser because of the cost of migration to a newer version would constitute a significant cost to the taxpayer. Read more at

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Ashley Wilson


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