Javascript + Selenium: The Rockstar Combination of Testing

Posted Jul 25th, 2011

For our July Selenium meetup, held last Thursday, we wanted to give attendees something a little different to chew on. Thanks to our good friends at Yammer, who co-hosted the event with us, we did so not only with delicious catered Mexican food, but also plenty of Javascript & Selenium testing goodness to go around. Bob Remeika, senior engineer at Yammer, gave a spirited presentation that left no one questioning his stance on testing (his opening slide - "Test your shit" - really said it all). He gave us an inside look at how Yammer tests using a combination of Jellyfish and Sauce OnDemand, and gave some great advice on knowing what and how to test when you're just starting out.

We also had Adam Christian, Sauce Labs' Javascript Aficionado and the creator of Jellyfish, give two talks. The first, a lightning talk titled "Javascript Via Selenium: The Good, The Bad, The Obvious", covered some of the lesser known things about Javascript testing via Selenium.

The second showed off how you can use Jellyfish, the open source Javascript runner that he announced a few weeks ago, to run your JS unit tests in any environment.

Thanks to Adam, Bob, and Yammer for making this quite the fun and memorable meetup. As always, the San Francisco Selenium Meetup group is free to join & we meet monthly at different venues around the Bay Area to talk all things testing. See you in August!

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Ashley Wilson


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