Jason Huggins Takes a Leave of Absence at Sauce Labs to Work on HealthCare.gov 2.0

Posted Jun 24, 2014

nerds healthcare Last year Sauce Labs cofounder Jason Huggins was part of the tech surge team of advisors who worked to fix the site and home of "Obamacare" through the power of test automation. He's decided to take another leave of absence from Sauce to help the Ad Hoc and the Marketplace 2.0 teams to further this great cause. Here's what Jason had to say about the state of the government and automation:

Long term, government needs to get better at software development, including test automation. For now, the best way to fight that fight is by example. If the Marketplace 2.0 team can help the government avoid last year's drama when open enrollment begins again in October, then we'll have a good story to share with other departments and agencies. But if we get a repeat of last year, then it'll be a lot harder to convince government officials to change their ways.

-Jason Huggins, June 23, 2014

Read Jason's inspiring, original post here. You can follow his adventures on Twitter at @hugs. While we'll miss him around the office, we're confident this is a worthy cause.

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Bill McGee


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