Introducing ShotsOnSauce by Jim Eisenhauer

Posted Mar 7th, 2014

Here at Sauce Labs, we’re all about open source, collaboration, and hacks – so when we learned about ShotsOnSauce, we did a happy dance. From the interwebz:

“Do you ever find yourself opening 10 different browsers on 4 different machines just so you can see how a new static ‘marketing’ page will look or what has changed in each of these browsers?

Well I do, and I figured there had to be a better way. Two of my favorite things on the internet are & I figured between these tools there has to be a solution.”

Jim Eisenhaur,, January 25, 2014

Seeing as there wasn’t an existing solution, Jim created open source tool ShotsOnSauce. Now you can grab the screenshots from all the browsers and OS platforms you want using Sauce and compare them using the little known image diff feature on Github.

Jim thinks there are a good chunk of you out there who might need this tool, and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the full post by the genius behind the tool, Jim Eisenhauer, for the how-to right here.

You can download ShotsOnSauce on Github here. Did we mention it’s open source yet?! Feel free to contribute to improve it.

About Jim Eisenhauer

Jim Eisenhauer is the Quality Engineer at Portland Oregon based start-up hubbub health and the curator of the Portland Selenium Meetup.

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Bill McGee


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