Introducing selbot

Posted Aug 17th, 2010

Sauce Labs is based on open source and we use a lot of it. We also do our best to contribute back to the community by working on Selenium, organizing #SFSE meetups, answering questions on the messages boards, and more. Today we are happy to announce, a searchable archive for the Selenium IRC channel. is powered by "selbot," and it hangs out at #selenium on freenode. "selbot" has two main functions:

  • It keep logs of the channel and makes them searchable
  • It announces the latest Selenium bamboo build results in the channel

"selbot" is made of open source components, mainly Supybot and xapian. An open source project itself, you can find the code on github. "selbot" is a humble start, and we have great plans for it in the future. For now, log in to #selenium on freenode and have a look. And while you're there, answer a few questions - it's a great way to give back to the community.

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The Sauce Labs Team


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