How Yahoo! Mail Transformed Its Functional Testing + Continuous Delivery Process [WEBINAR]

Posted Oct 8th, 2014

Yahoo Mail 2 (1) Learn how one Engineer helped transform internet giant Yahoo! Mail's quality engineering process through functional testing and continuous delivery - and the role Sauce Labs plays in their process. 

Over the last two years, Front End Developer Neil Manvar's most important contribution to Yahoo! has been developing a modern functional testing framework that is based on open-source technologies, plays well with legacy code, supports many browsers, does not need maintenance, is readable to product managers, and makes writing a pleasure. In his quest to build this framework, he's also learned to navigate structural and organizational challenges; most significantly convincing upper management to require each developer to write and run tests on their code as their new standard operating procedure. Neil will talk through and highlight: • What their tech stack looks like (Cucumber, Page-Object, Watir-Webriver, Sauce Labs) • How they flip features on and off and test against them • How features get pushed, and the role of functional testing • Why they structurally implemented testing into each build, even for devs • How the shift towards cloud-based services, open-source technologies, and devs who write QA code is changing the face of the entire organization A Q&A will follow. All registrants will receive a link to the presentation and recording, regardless of attendance.

Written by

Bill McGee


Open sourceCI/CD