How to Integrate Sauce Labs Reports with MSTest and Jenkins

Posted Mar 13th, 2014

Ever wondered how to integrate Sauce Selenium Testing with Jenkins? Yup, there’s a plugin for that.

But as many have discovered, the Sauce OnDemand plugin for Jenkins requires a bit of finessing in order to work with MSTest. One customer, Victor, was kind enough to share this issue and his solution with the web:

“The challenge that I’ve found with that is that the plugin is only for JUnit like tests, so, as we’re a .NET shop and we use MSTest to run automated builds, the plugin does not work completely out-of-the-box. Specifically the reporting part, as it takes an “.xml” (JUnit like) test results file and parses the console output of the tests looking for an specific SauceLabs ID to link tests back to SauceLabs jobs (More details: Integrating tests with the Sauce OnDemand plugin for Jenkins).

- Victor Pascual, Testing Island, February 17, 2014

Victor walks you through all the details with instructions and screenshots in his full post, here. Other useful tips, curated by Victor:

Definitely worth a read!

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Bill McGee