How to Choose between Mobile Testing Solutions

Posted Sep 1st, 2016

The mobile app market has been blooming and flourishing since 2007 and soon there was a need for mobile testing solutions. Now there are many of those, and we want to outline the benefits and drawbacks of the most common ones.

What are mobile testing solutions?

Mobile testing solutions describe all those solutions that were created to ensure mobile app quality through testing. Apps can be tested in different ways, in different moments of the development cycle and in different depths. A testing solution is, in fact, an infrastructure that allows testing on mobile devices with the help of different tools. Depending on your/your company’s needs and requirements, you can choose between different mobile testing solutions.

Mobile testing in the cloud


Mobile testing in the cloud is an infrastructure which is not hosted on-site, but in the cloud that you/your team can access through any browser.

Testing in the cloud allows you to test on simulators, emulators and a wide range of real devices without needing to buy devices, having a lot of space to store them, or spend time setting up VMs. Furthermore, you don’t have to create your own infrastructure or spend time on device maintenance.

This solution will also overcome the challenge of working in different locations since all of the devices (virtual and real) and the test results will be available in the cloud. This solution can also be used to test your app in different mobile networks, without having to travel all around the world.

Pros & cons of testing in the cloud


  • No costs for device storage and maintenance
  • Access devices and test results from different locations at different times
  • Wide range of testing devices at your disposal
  • Steady simulators and emulators with a wide range of models and OSs
  • Access devices in different mobile networks
  • Infrastructure is already there


  • You don’t have the devices on-site, so you can’t physically navigate the app with your thumb
  • Your data needs to leave the company
  • There may not be the mobile device you want to test on or it might not be available at that moment

Which teams/companies will benefit most from this solution?

Apps that have are distributed globally can benefit the most with mobile testing in the cloud, because of the wide range of devices available. Every VM will be destroyed after every use. Companies who have data security restrictions and want to test on real devices, should opt for a private cloud solution.

Private cloud solution


To overcome the problem of devices not being available for testing when needed and security restrictions, you can opt for a private cloud solution. This kind of solution will make devices, that are very important for your testing process, available only to you, accessed through a secure VPN. In this case, you don’t have to wait for devices to become available, especially if they are crucial to your app testing.

Pros & cons of private cloud solution


  • Private devices for your use only 24/7
  • Available from multiple locations
  • No maintenance costs
  • Infrastructure is already set up


  • Data will still leave your company

Which teams/companies will benefit most from this solution?

This solution should be used in combination with a public cloud. Choosing private devices can be useful when you want to have some devices available just for you, round the clock. Any team/company can benefit from this solution.

Mobile crowd testing solution


Crowd testing is a testing solution that lets people from different countries, with different local devices, test your app. You may want to use this solution as the last part of testing just before release, to ensure that real users use your application on a mobile device that was not just meant for testing. This will give you deep insights on how your app is working and what the users think. It is also an easy way to test your app on different mobile networks.

Pros & cons of crowd testing


  • Test on real devices which are used daily
  • Test your app in different global networks
  • Get insights of users thoughts on looks and feel of the app


  • You will give users access to your app before it’s officially released
  • Replicating a bug users find can be more difficult and can take more time – fixing it will also be more complicated

Which teams/companies will benefit most from this solution?

This solution is very valuable if the app will be distributed mainstream worldwide and it uses key components like the user’s network, to work properly.

Written by

Ely Hechtel


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