Get Ready for All Day DevOps!

Posted Oct 19th, 2016

All Day DevOps will be the first worldwide, virtual DevOps conference, and Sauce Labs is proud to sponsor this first-of-its-kind event. Beginning at 5:00am EST time (9:00am GMT) on November 15, 2016, the online conference will feature three simultaneous tracks, with each track containing eighteen 30-minute presentations - 54 talks in all, over a span of 15 hours. There will be a bevy of DevOps experts from around the world, and best of all the event is free! Catch the speaker lineup here.

Conference Tracks

The conference schedule includes three separate tracks - Modern Infrastructure, Automated Security, and CI/CD. This latter track may be of the most interest to automated testing aficionados and Sauce Labs' users. Here's a description of each track from the All Day DevOps Eventbrite page:

Track One: Modern Infrastructure

Modern Infrastructure Track Hosts and Moderators, James Wickett (Signal Sciences), Ernest Mueller (Alien Vault), Karthik Gaekwad (Oracle)

In this track, we will be discussing novel architectures, approaches, and tools for building out software and services. We are not looking for the standard approaches, but the way Infrastructure will be in the next 3-5 years.

Track Two: DevSecOps & Automated Security - Living the Dream

Automated Security Track Hosts and Moderators Milton Smith (Oracle) and Shannon Lietz (Intuit)

You have a well tuned development and delivery environment or your in the process of building one. AppSec is a top business concern. You moved DevSecOps from Big Foot and UFO’s to reality, you sold the dream to staff, and now it’s beginning to pay off. This track explores DevSecOps tools and techniques to build a successful automated security program.

Track Three: CI/CD - Continuous Everything

CI/CD Track Hosts and Moderators Derek Weeks (Sonatype) and Andi Mann (Splunk)

Continuous Delivery is not magic, but it does take the right effort. The most successful practitioners have taken pragmatic steps to reduce cycle times, improve collaboration, and build quality in without burning people out. This track asks you to share your front line experiences of building CI/CD pipelines, aligning key stakeholders, and measuring the results. Remember, what’s now an everyday experience for you, is awesome to others pursuing that path.

It should be a terrific conference, set to follow the sun on November 15th. All presentations will be recorded, but you will need to register in order to gain access to them. Register today, and we'll see you on the Internet on November 15!

Written by

Bill McGee