Get Excited About AppiumConf!

Posted Apr 4th, 2018

With AppiumConf taking the world* by storm later this week, let’s have a quick look at what there is to be excited about.

The Talks

Every conference is supposedly primarily about the content, right? So we should definitely explore what’s in store at AppiumConf. When putting the conference together, we decided on a single-track conference. These have always been my personal favorite—everyone is experiencing the same story throughout the event, and conversations are more vibrant than I tend to find in multi-track conferences. Talks are going to be short: 30 minutes including switches, so it’s going to be an action-packed day with a lot to digest. I think we have a really well-rounded roster, with appearances from Appium core developers to case studies from Appium users across the spectrum of use cases. For example, I’m very much looking forward to hearing how Appium can be used for Unity3d game automation—something I didn’t realize was possible! But Ru Cindrea has apparently figured it out, though not without some challenges along the way. React Native and Docker make a few appearances, as we’d expect from technologies which have grown vastly in popularity over the last few years, though on different ends of the tech stack: React Native as a mobile dev framework and Docker as a DevOps tool which can make organizing your Appium environment easier.

Bookending all this awesome insight will be keynotes from the original instigators of Appium (Dan Cuellar and Jason Huggins), and then myself. Since I’ve been dreaming about AppiumConf for a long time, I’m putting together something really special for the conference finale!

(And of course, we also have an array of awesome workshops for those of you who want to get more hands-on with some Appium skill upgrades).

The Venue

Who doesn’t like London? OK, it’s a sprawling metropolis and it looks like Winter might persist past Easter this year, but still. It’s a fitting place to hold the first AppiumConf: the Appium community spans the globe, and London is one of the most culturally diverse cities out there. We’re going to have a nice, intimate venue for the 200 or so of you who’ve decided to join us for our inaugural gathering. Our organizing committee have done a fantastic job of making sure everything will run smoothly, and I’m convinced it’s going to be one of the best conferences you’ve ever attended.

The Inspiration

What is a conference really about? I think it’s about inspiration. It’s about coming back to your job more excited about the tools you’re using, and more excited to solve the problems you face, because you have a host of ideas about how to use your tools better or employ new practices. It’s only through gatherings like AppiumConf that serendipity has free reign, and you’ll bump into someone else who just happens to have solved that problem you’ve been struggling with for the last 6 weeks. The proverbial “hallway track” is a great source of inspiration, and I encourage everyone to bring as much to the conference as they hope to get out of it—you never know who might be able to benefit from that one hack you came up with that one time.

I think the Appium project itself will get a lot of inspiration from you, the attendees. What should we focus on? What are Appium’s biggest pain points? What are the use cases we haven’t considered? Who knows what improvements lie within easy reach that a gathering like this will bring to the fore. At the end of the day, AppiumConf is about connecting you with the Appium community in an enduring way, and making the project more than just a piece of software on GitHub for you.

Runner up: The After-Party

Can I write about a party as an integral part of the conference? I’m not sure, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was particularly looking forward to the after-party. Not only will I be done with my own talk and ready to unwind, it will be a great way for the community to bond and enjoy vibrant discussions about the day’s happenings—or just have fun.

Tempted to join us? It’s not too late. You can still buy tickets. And please make sure you do, because you all know what happens to people who come without tickets!

* OK, maybe not the world. But a very small fraction of the world that is inordinately excited about Appium!

Written by

Jonathan Lipps