Front End Ops Conf 2014 Announced

Posted Jan 30, 2014

FEOC1_200x136Front End Ops Conf 2014, a new conference dedicated to front end operations, opened for business today. The conference is focused on the emerging discipline of front end operations and Sauce Labs is helping to organize and sponsor the event, slated for April 24-25, 2014 at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco. Front End Ops Conf features a great line up of speakers who are fanatical about building organized and high performance client-side code - if you're not familiar with F-E Ops check out this article from conference co-chair Alex Sexton. In addition to Alex, speakers include Paul Irish, Sarah Goff-Dupont, Ian Feather, Seth Walker, Rebecca Murphey and our very own Adam Christian, to name a few. Early bird tickets are now on sale and the call for proposals is also open if you have a passion for speaking about test automation, application monitoring and other topics that focus on web app performance and maintainability. Follow Front End Ops Conf at @FEOpsConf.

Written by

Bill McGee