Dzone Covers Monocle and Async Programming

Posted Jul 29th, 2010

Mitchell Pronschinske reports on 2010/07/28 - Greg and Steven Hazel from Sauce Labs have recently built what they call, "An async programming framework with a blocking look-alike syntax". This framework, named Monocle, is focused on being portable between event-driven I/O frameworks. Currently, Monocle supports the Twisted and Tornado frameworks. For those who haven't heard of Sauce Labs, they were co-founded by John Huggins, the creator of Selenium. Sauce Labs' free and commercial tools build on top of the core Selenium testing framework. The emergence of Monocle could indicate that Sauce Labs is taking a more focused look at event-driven code and its role in concurrent web performance. Event-driven code is efficient and intuitive, but sometimes procedures are are split up and code is expanded in a not-so-good way. Read more at Dzone

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