Continuous Testing in Practice [WEBINAR]

Posted Feb 18th, 2015

As web and mobile application software increases in complexity, the number and frequency of tests grows exponentially. But managing your tests with sub-optimal continuous integration (CI) workflows can lead to bottlenecks, delays, and lost developer productivity. In our next webinar, Continuous Testing in Practice, Ophir Prusak from BlazeMeter and Abhijit Pendyal from Sauce Labs will show you how to integrate automated testing into your CI process so that you can test early and often to speed up deployment. Ophir and Abhijit will cover:
  • Why Continuous Testing is so important today
  • How to ensure testing keeps pace with agile development cycles
  • The end-to-end flow of a continuous testing process
  • How to implement continuous automated functional & performance testing
  • How to integrate continuous testing with your existing tools
Join us for this presentation on Tuesday, February 24th at 10am PST/1pm EST. There will be a Q&A with both Ophir and Abhijit following the end of the presentation. Click HERE to register today.

Written by

Bill McGee


Continuous testing