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Posted Nov 20th, 2014

We are passionate about building products and services that help our users maximize the value they get out of their continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows. And while our core products serve this mission well, especially if you have integrated your CI server and are passing us test statuses, we realized we can do even more. We are excited to announce that we have begun work to completely overhaul the Sauce Labs UI and create a new experience specially designed for CI/CD workflows. The new UI will begin rolling out in phases next month.

1. Redesigned Dashboard

The first update to roll out will be a completely redesigned dashboard which will take the place of your account page located at The new dashboard is designed to aggregate your tests into builds, akin to what you would see on your CI/CD dashboard. The status of each build will be available at a glance as well as a summary of test statuses across the entire build. You can even watch a build progress from the dashboard as test statuses will be updated in real-time. For the new dashboard to work best you'll need to send us both test statuses and build numbers. If you're not sending this information now, there's no time like the present to get set up. And if you're not yet running your tests through CI/CD, the dashboard will still work beautifully for you, organizing your individual tests clearly in chronological order.

2. New Build Page

Builds will be a brand new concept within the Sauce Labs UI so they will ship with their own brand new view. The build page will show you complete details of the build itself, including run times and status, as well as a complete rundown of all tests associated with that build. The build page will serve as your jumping-off point for diving into test failures.

3. Redesigned Test Page

While the test page will remain functionally similar to the page you see today, we'll be rolling out a refreshed UI to bring the page in line with the rest of the new experience. Expect a modernized look and feel, enhanced readability, and clean delineation of information.

4. New Archives Page

We're replacing the current test listing found at with a new archives page. The archives page will be the home of all your account activity including builds, automated tests, and manual tests. This new page will ship with powerful and precise filtering, giving you the tools you need to quickly pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. The new UI will be available in beta before its full release. If you're interested in being an early adopter, let us know at   We always love talking with our customers, so if you have questions about the upcoming UI changes, would like to share your experience with the existing UI, or have ideas you'd like to see brought to life get in touch with us at or reach out to me on twitter.

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