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Appium 1.0 [Orion] and Appium Inspector on OSX Mavericks Demo [VIDEO]
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumVideos

'Appy Monday! Our friend Shantikant Jagtap just released a comprehensive post highlighting the Appium 1.0 [Orion] launch, new Appium features, how to download Appium, and how to use it with the OSX app on Mavericks and Appium Inspector. Be sure to check out the post here and watch the video demo below, which highlights how to use the Appium OSX [...]

Sauce Labs Makes Testing Awesome (VIDEO)
Posted by Bill McGee in Videos

Sick of maintaining test infrastructure? Can't keep up with supporting the latest Firefox or Chrome? Let Sauce help! We're on a mission to make testing mobile and web applications fast, easy and affordable for developers.  With support for 300+ browser / OS platforms, Sauce Labs make running and scaling Selenium, JavaScript Unit testing, and mobile testing a breeze. Watch the video below to [...]

Bleacher Report Uses Appium by Sauce to Achieve "Olympic Quality" Results to Win at QA Testing (VIDEO)
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumVideos

It’s an Olympic year, and Bleacher Report gets the gold when it comes to QA mobile testing. Winning! Bleacher Report is a digital media company that delivers engaging content to sports fans all over the world. With more than half of their traffic coming from mobile devices, the team knew they needed to find a way to automatically test their mobile apps and mobile web experience. So they [...]

Getting the Most Out of Selenium with CloudBees and Sauce Labs
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & TestingVideos

We recently conducted a webinar that illustrated how you can get up and running with CloudBees and Sauce Labs with one click, using the Sauce Clickstarts for CloudBees. There were a number of questions raised in the webinar that we didn't get time to address, so we've included answers below. If you have any further questions, please include a comment below. Q: If you define that you want to [...]

In Case You Missed It: Mobile Testing Summit Recap
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

One month ago, we organized and hosted the Mobile Testing Summit, a one day conference devoted to all things about mobile test automation. In reflecting on this event (which, I must say, went swimmingly well), I thought I'd pull back the curtain and give you a look at how it came to be and what we all got out of it. The idea for the MTS started with Jason Huggins, Sauce's cofounder and [...]

#SFSE Video: Stripping Down RemoteWebdriver
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsVideos

For our February San Francisco Selenium Meetup, Santiago Suarez Ordoñez, Sauce Ninja and Selenium Contributor, dove in to the RemoteWebdriver codebase and emerged with a highly technical talk that covered everything from the DesiredCapabilites object to binding implementations and caveats. For those unfamiliar, RemoteWebdriver lets you run your Webdriver tests remotely and use Sauce Labs [...]

Top Selenium Tips From The Sauce Codebase
Posted by Ashley Wilson in EventsSelenium ResourcesVideos

Having run more than 8 million tests in the Sauce cloud, we've learned a thing or two about the common pitfalls folks encounter when writing and running Selenium tests. To help others not make those same mistakes, we recently started hosting bi-weekly webinars led by Sauce Ninja Santiago Suarez Ordoñez. This week's webinar covered various Selenium tips, including implicit waits, timeouts, [...]

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