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Guest Post: The Able Few and Qettlhup for Using GruntJS with Sauce Labs
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsUncategorized

Our friends at The Able Few have been working on an exciting project, and they wanted to share how they’ve been using Sauce to test the product they are developing in partnership with Click with Me Now. Read on to hear more about how they integrated Sauce into their development process, and the open source GruntJS tool they built to help them use Sauce! For the some time now, we have been [...]

Automated Mobile App Testing with Python and Nose
Posted by Adam Christian in AppiumUncategorized

One of the coolest parts about using Appium for automated functional testing is that you can write your tests in whatever language has the testing tools that suit you best. One of the most popular choices for testing is Python. Writing tests for iOS and Android apps with Appium and Python is easy. In this post we'll walk through the steps involved in testing an iOS sample app using Appium's [...]

Steve Hazel on FLOSS Weekly
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumUncategorized

Our co-founder and VP of Product Steven Hazel was interviewed this week on FLOSS Weekly, the seminal weekly open source podcast. If you didn't catch the show live, you can watch and hear Steve talk Appium, Sauce Labs, and his love of Emacs. Steve joins a long list of distinguished open source guests, including Sauce co-founder Jason Huggins, who's been on the show to talk about Selenium.

Recap: GTAC 2013
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

If you weren't at GTAC in NYC last month, you may have missed Jonathan Lipps' dazzling talk on Appium and mobile app automation. But fear not, you too can experience (or re-experience) the magic of his talk as many times as you like! You can watch his talk on YouTube, and boggle the ridiculousness that is his surprise Firefox OS demo. Jonathan and the Appium community have been hard at work [...]

Come Play in the Sandbox with Us at Google I/O!
Posted by Bill McGee in EventsUncategorized

If you'll be in San Francisco for Google I/O this year, don't forget to come see us in the Developer Sandbox! Google I/O is an annual developer conference featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions, and showcasing the latest from Google’s product teams and partners, and this year will be held May 15-17 at the Moscone Center. The Developer Sandbox showcases demos from a wide range [...]

Automated iOS and Android Acceptance Testing with RSpec and Appium
Posted by Steven Hazel in AppiumSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

If you're a fan of RSpec for writing concise, readable tests in Ruby, you might be interested to know that RSpec tests can now easily automate iOS and Android mobile apps using Appium, an open source mobile test automation tool. Appium is compatible with Selenium WebDriver client libraries, so an Appium test is similar to a Selenium test. In this post we'll walk through the steps involved in [...]

Recap: Seattle Mobile Development Meetup
Posted by Adam Christian in AppiumEventsUncategorized

In mid April, I was welcomed by the Seattle community to speak about Appium at their Mobile Development Meetup. In addition to having a great time and great conversations, there were some key takeaways from the meetup that are worthy of some thought. Of course, there's not time to summarize all the amazing conversations that I had with the wonderful Seattle-ites, but here are the high points. [...]

Easiest Ever A/B Split Tests
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Uncategorized

What are those? I know most of you already know the answer to this. You guys can skip down to the bolded part. Okay, say you made a new frontpage or something. Maybe it will make your website better! How do you know? If you're like me, you hate not knowing. There's a thing for knowing, and it's called an A/B test. Sometimes it's called a split test or an experiment, but it's usually called an A/B [...]

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