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Geographic Considerations for Mobile Device Testing
Posted by Brien Posey in Software Development & Testing

In an ideal world, you’d test all versions of all operating systems and devices for all of your mobile apps. In the real world, however, testing everything just isn’t feasible (in most cases). That’s why you need to plan a mobile testing strategy that helps you cover the widest range of use cases for your target user base in the most efficient way possible. Factoring geography [...]

Why You Should Be Testing in Production
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Software Development & Testing

Testing in production is essential if you want to test software as rigorously as possible. Why? While testing early in the pipeline (i.e., shift-left testing) is necessary and highly encouraged, it's simply not enough on its own. Companies practicing agile testing methodologies and building a disposable infrastructure are ready to perform testing in production, which is sometimes called [...]

A Screenshot Is Worth 1,000 Lines of Log Data
Posted by Zachary Flower in Software Development & Testing

Imagine it's 5 p.m., and you've just spent hours trying to diagnose a set of broken feature tests to no avail. You can't seem to replicate the issue manually, and the data coming out of the test runs is unhelpful at best, so you do your best to crawl around in the dark until you find a workaround. Sound familiar? This is a scenario that is all too common in webdev testing, and one that can be [...]

The Value of Your QA Department
Posted by Ely Hechtel in Software Development & Testing

Becoming an agile company means internal structure changes as well as the team structure changes. The new formula should focus on having a DevOps and QA department that work together closely. If there is already a QA department, its role needs to be analyzed and the focus should lie on how much value QA can add overall. Testing should not be the last stage before release like in the waterfall [...]

Testing in Continuous Delivery: Shift Left
Posted by Łukasz Rosłonek in Continuous DeliverySoftware Development & Testing

In today’s constantly changing market, continuous delivery is one of the most popular engineering approaches: most companies claim they work according to CD rules, or at least don’t say out loud they don’t. Popularization of this methodology comes from its main idea: an engineering process based on short, repetitive iterations, where every iteration ends with delivering user [...]

To Develop, Or Not Develop
Posted by Melissa Eaden in Software Development & Testing

Why I Am Not A Developer, I’m A Tester Over my career, I’ve had a number of folks, at different companies, ask why I am not a developer. I thought I would take the time to explain a few reasons why testing, and being a tester, is something I’m passionate about. Writing Code Is Boring, Kinda If your first thought about this is “she can’t write code, [...]

When to Automate Mobile Tests

There are a few speed bumps in the path of releasing mobile products, even for teams with the most current XP/agile/DevOps process. New software is usually delivered through iTunes or the Google Play store. Before getting into the store, there are approval and testing procedures that companies must follow. Getting a new version out if there are bugs in production is more complicated than [...]

An Introduction To Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is a subset of usability testing that takes into consideration both users with and without disabilities. In particular, it focuses on testing software, mobile apps and websites. Since 15 percent of the world population has some kind of disability, and three percent of those people have significant disabilities, accessibility testing is critical. QA performs the same tests [...]

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