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What’s the Next Big Thing in Software Testing? Test Generation!
Posted by Greg Sypolt in Software Development & Testing

How can you improve software quality while also increasing speed? Here’s one idea that I think will play an increasingly important role in the future of software testing: test generation.  What I mean is that in the future, software testing will include auto-generated tests that allow code to reach the testing stage faster while also improving coverage. Let me explain... Making [...]

5 Barriers to Automated Testing and How to Overcome Them

One of the most valuable assets to a software development organization is an effective continuous testing strategy. Continuous testing requires the implementation of end-to-end automated testing, allowing for greater insight into application quality at earlier points in the development lifecycle. It sounds great, and it is. But, as with any other development process, the transition to a strategy [...]

Summer is Here! Can Your CI/CD Pipeline Bring the Heat?

As the temperatures start to increase this summer, we know that a lot of teams are seeing the heat increase in their development pipeline. Every engineering leader is asking the question, “How do we release better code, more quickly?” And CI/CD has proven to be the answer to consistently deliver innovative digital experiences to their customers at faster speeds. However, should you be [...]

Software Testing for Organizations That Have No QA Team
Posted by Chris Tozzi in Continuous TestingSoftware Development & Testing

When most people talk about software testing, they assume that every organization has a dedicated team of Quality Assurance (QA) engineers whose main job is to test software and optimize software quality. The reality is that not all organizations have a QA team. When your company lacks dedicated QA engineers and software testing experts, everyone else who plays a role in software delivery needs [...]

You Can’t Have AIOps Without Automated Testing
Posted by Cordny Nederkoorn in AISoftware Development & Testing

AIOps, an IT operations strategy that leverages machine learning and data analytics to automate decision-making, is a hot topic. It’s so hot, in fact, that the AIOps market is projected to grow at a rate of more than 25 percent per year for the next several years. Like all trendy new technologies, however, AIOps requires a careful approach in order to be implemented successfully. Part of [...]

Unit Testing Best Practices
Posted by Twain Taylor in Quality AssuranceSoftware Development & Testing

Unit testing has been around since the dawn of testing. Indeed, unit tests are so common and basic that they sometimes feel like the most boring type of tests. But the fact is that unit tests are the building blocks of the rest of your software delivery and testing pipeline. Even though unit tests may seem so simple that they're not worth thinking much about, it's critical to make sure you [...]

How Verizon Media Achieved Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing at Scale
Posted by Alissa Lydon in Continuous TestingSoftware Development & Testing

Verizon Media is a digital content giant, with leading brands in its portfolio such as Huffington Post, AOL, TechCrunch, and more. Over one billion people love and trust Verizon Media’s media, tech and communication products, and to stay ahead of the pack their teams know that it’s critical to continually delight their users with a quality experience across all of their brands. To [...]

What Does Kubernetes Mean for Software Testing?
Posted by Theo Despoudis in Software Development & Testing

Kubernetes has changed the way we think about running containers at scale. So far, developers and operations teams enjoy working with it as it enables agile, resilient delivery of their applications in the cloud and beyond. But what does it really mean to have Kubernetes as a container management system for the QA team, and how can they make the best use of this technology? In this article we [...]

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