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Announcing Appium on Sauce: Native & Hybrid iOS App Testing in the Cloud
Posted by Ashley Wilson in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

Today we are extremely excited to announce the initial release of Appium on Sauce, a new way to automatically test your native and mobile web hybrid iOS apps in the cloud. Appium on Sauce has its roots in Appium, an open source project written in Node.js that draws from Dan Cuellar's work on iOS Auto. Appium currently supports iOS testing with Android support in the works. Using [...]

Getting the Most Out of Selenium with CloudBees and Sauce Labs
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Selenium ResourcesSoftware Development & TestingVideos

We recently conducted a webinar that illustrated how you can get up and running with CloudBees and Sauce Labs with one click, using the Sauce Clickstarts for CloudBees. There were a number of questions raised in the webinar that we didn't get time to address, so we've included answers below. If you have any further questions, please include a comment below. Q: If you define that you want to [...]

Announcing "Open Sauce" free unlimited testing for Open Source projects
Posted by Ashley Wilson in News & Product UpdatesSelenium Resources

For about a year, we've been quietly giving free testing support to some high profile open source projects, like Mozilla and the Selenium Project. As open source advocates and contributors ourselves, we know it's important to support projects that we benefit from on a regular basis. And what better way to do it then by providing the infrastructure that helps ensure new releases are fully tested? [...]

Running Automated Tests in Parallel (Part 1)
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Guest Blog PostsSelenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

This post was originally written by Alan Parkinson of Hindsight Software. One of Sauce's authorized partners, Hindsight Software specializes in building tools and services around Selenium and test automation. It has been reprinted with his permission. Automated functional tests provide valuable feedback to developers by notifying them when they have completed or broken functionality. [...]

The Eschaton: What The End Game Looks Like For Testing with Selenium
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Guest Blog PostsSelenium ResourcesSoftware Development & Testing

This is the first in a series of posts by QAOnDemand, which offers self-service QA scripting and testing. For more info, visit In theological circles, "The Eschaton" is defined as the end of time. In fact, there's a whole field of study called Eschatology that studies what the end of the world looks like. While I have to believe their office parties are pretty grim, [...]

Javascript testing in parallel with WD.js and Selenium
Posted by Mathieu Sabourin in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

Like bow ties, Javascript is cool. People love it so much that they're bringing it everywhere (server, desktop UI, etc). If you do Javascript development, you probably love it for its funkiness - even if your code is pretty crazy. But that's ok, because your code base is (hopefully) extensively tested... But wouldn’t you love it if everything (tests included) were in Javascript? Ok, maybe [...]

Cross Browser Testing Demo Using Selenium & Node.js
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

One of the great things about Sauce OnDemand is that it works with any programming language. For all you Node.js fans looking for ways to ensure excellent cross-browser test coverage, check out the demo below to see how to use Selenium & Sauce with Express.js, Vow.js, and WD.js. For more info, visit the Sauce Node Demo on Github. Happiest testing, to you!

Testing GitHub's Wiki in the Cloud
Posted by The Sauce Labs Team in Guest Blog PostsSelenium Resources

This is a guest blog post by Matthew of Bootstrap Online LLC. Matthew is a volunteer committer on Gollum, the Git powered wiki used on Checkout Matthew's GitHub profile and hire him to work on your open source project. Gollum is GitHub's open source wiki software used by, Nature, and others. Gollum uses Selenium 2 WebDriver with JUnit 4 (Java) to test its live preview [...]

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