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Javascript testing in parallel with WD.js and Selenium
Posted by Mathieu Sabourin in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

Like bow ties, Javascript is cool. People love it so much that they're bringing it everywhere (server, desktop UI, etc). If you do Javascript development, you probably love it for its funkiness - even if your code is pretty crazy. But that's ok, because your code base is (hopefully) extensively tested... But wouldn’t you love it if everything (tests included) were in Javascript? Ok, maybe [...]

Announcing Sauce Breakpoints for Easier Test Debugging
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in Sauce Product Info

At Sauce, we care about testing because we care about speeding up the development cycle. Today we're announcing a new weapon in the fight against the often time-consuming practice of test-debugging: Sauce Breakpoints. Anyone who's run into Selenium tests failing due to Javascript issues knows that browser plugins like Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools are an essential part of fixing broken tests. But [...]

Cross Browser Testing Demo Using Selenium & Node.js
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

One of the great things about Sauce OnDemand is that it works with any programming language. For all you Node.js fans looking for ways to ensure excellent cross-browser test coverage, check out the demo below to see how to use Selenium & Sauce with Express.js, Vow.js, and WD.js. For more info, visit the Sauce Node Demo on Github. Happiest testing, to you!

Getting Started With Web Testing Using Selenium & Sauce Labs
Posted by Will Iverson in Guest Blog PostsSauce Product Info

This is a guest blog post by Will Iverson, David Drake, Osama Khalaf, and Adam Herbst of Dynacron Group, a technology consulting firm based outside Seattle that provides software development (Java/.NET) and BI/DW services based on Continuous Delivery. Dynacron Group staff started working with Selenium nearly four years ago. The biggest problem we had was execution time – we had a limited [...]

Selenium Client Factory for Python
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsSauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

Integration for Selenium testing running with your continuous integration builds with Sauce OnDemand and Sauce Connect is made easy through the plugins we've developed for Bamboo and Jenkins. These plugins allow you to specify the browser to be used by your tests and launch Sauce Connect prior to the running of your tests. They set several environment variables that include the settings for [...]

Announcing Support For Selenium 2.16.1, ChromeDriver 18.0.995.0 and Firefox 8 and 9
Posted by Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product Info

As you all know, the Selenium development team keeps moving at an incredible pace and we do our best to keep up. This time, we have the pleasure to announce that OnDemand now supports Selenium 2.16.1! Selenium 2.16.1 is the release I personally have been waiting for as it considerably improves native interactions, and fixes some pretty gnarly issues with scrolling and clicks. Here’s the [...]

The Sauce Partner Program Has Officially Landed
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Sauce Product Info

Sauce’s customer community know us well for our role and enthusiasm in expanding the use of Selenium amongst agile teams big and small. But we’re a young company ourselves and not everyone is aware of us yet. And even among those who do—and might want to use our services—there’s often a need for expertise, capabilities and services that Sauce Labs doesn’t now (or have plans to) offer. So we’re [...]

Free Sauce Hack Day This Thursday
Posted by Ashley Wilson in Sauce Product InfoSelenium Resources

The Saucers are opening our office doors for our first ever Sauce Hack Day this Thursday, Nov. 3, from 2pm-6pm PST. If you're a developer or tester working with Selenium, functional testing, continuous integration, javascript testing (really, anything to do with testing), then come on by to Sauce Labs at 500 3rd St, Ste 240 in San Franicsco for a couple hours of chatting, hacking and hanging out. [...]

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