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Announcing Sauce Labs' New Platform Configurator
Posted by Bill McGee in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product Info

We've just released our new platform configurator that easily generates the code you need to configure your automated tests to run on Sauce. You can select the automation API, device type, operating system, and browser version you want to test with, and it will automatically generate a snippet of code for those desired capabilities. You can toggle between code generated for different languages. [...]

Announcing Support For Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Posted by Bill McGee in AppiumSauce Product Info

Hungry for moar Android? We thought so.  Announcing Sauce Labs support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)! Now you can test mobile web apps with Selenium Webdriver and native and hybrid apps with Appium using our Android emulators. Nom! Before you start testing, there are a couple of caveats you should know about: A. When an Android 4.4. emulator is in landscape mode, its apps are unable [...]

Announcing Cloud9 Preview: Instantly Preview Your Cloud9 Project In Any Browser (Powered by Sauce Labs)
Posted by Jonathan Lipps in News & Product UpdatesSauce Product Info

Today our friends at Cloud9 have released a brand new version of their powerful Cloud9 Development Environment, the web-based IDE that gives you unlimited flexibility to develop and test your applications directly from your browser. As part of this release, we're excited to announce an integration that we've been working on together for a while---the ability to instantly check out the site or app [...]

Online Workshop - Testing Behind a Firewall

Learn all about best practices and strategies for testing apps behind a firewall and how to use Sauce Connect during our next online workshop! Join speaker Mike Redman, Director of Sales Engineering at Sauce, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time for the latest. Whether you’re at the enterprise or startup level, security is a hot topic. That’s why we created Sauce [...]

Meet the New Sauce Connect 4

We know a thing or two about testing securely, and we know that testing behind a firewall is crucial for many of our users. That's why we're excited to announce that we just released Sauce Connect 4, a brand spanking new version of our secure tunneling app. Sauce Connect creates a secure tunnel between your firewalled app and the Sauce cloud, enabling you to run your tests on Sauce while keeping [...]

TeamCity Plugin Now Available for Sauce
Posted by Bill McGee in Sauce Product InfoSoftware Development & Testing

We just finished a plugin that allows you to integrate your Sauce tests with JetBrains TeamCity! Hooray! We hope the new integration will help anyone using TeamCity for CI use Sauce to test all the things. The integration will allow you to run your tests through TeamCity and view the test results, including steps performed, screencast, and screenshots, inside TeamCity. You can get the integration [...]

A Word About Our Growing Pains
Posted by Adam Christian in Sauce Product Info

Over the last year, the Sauce customer base has been growing tremendously. We have heard your concern about our recent service interruptions. We have always had our sights set on 99.99% uptime, and are continually doing everything we can to achieve that. Examples include our recent datacenter move, constant capacity upgrades, and complete re-architecture of our Mac cloud. Unfortunately, our [...]

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