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Selenium is a Terrific Automation Framework, but it’s Not a Strategy

Here at Sauce Labs, we love Selenium. It was created by our co-founder Jason Huggins, so it will …

Posted Nov 23rd, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Sauce Labs and Qualitest for Mobile Test Automation

Posted Nov 17th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

Marcus Merrell

Test Automation Should Not Be Used to Replace Humans

This week, we discuss the different circumstances that do and do not call for test automation. …

Posted Nov 16th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

Marcus Merrell

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs & CTOs Knew About Testing: The Goal of Testing is Risk Mitigation, Not Perfect Software

In my 18 years of working in quality engineering and the testing community, I’ve developed some …

Posted Nov 9th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid vs. Progressive Web Apps: Key Differences for Development and Mobile Testing

This article explains how native, web, hybrid and progressive web apps vary, how to choose the …

Posted Oct 28th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

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How to Choose Mobile Devices for Testing

This article offers advice and best practices for how to select mobile devices for testing, …

Posted Oct 6th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

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Better Together: Real Devices, Emulators & Simulators for Mobile Testing

Using emulators & simulators and real devices together in an automated testing environment, allows …

Posted Sep 8th, 2021

by Matt Heusser

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Better Together: Why You Should Leverage Emulators and Simulators for Web App Testing

Posted Aug 31st, 2021

by Ashwini Sathe

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Best Practices for Mobile Application Beta Testing

This article gives a thorough explanation of how beta testing works, why it’s important, and how to …

Posted Aug 25th, 2021