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Learn About Responsive Website Design and Responsive Design Testing

Learn the basics of responsive website design and testing to help your team ensure great UX across …

Posted Nov 29th, 2022

by Chris Tozzi


How to Build a 5-Star Mobile App with Better Error Monitoring and Reporting

Learn how better error monitoring and reporting can help improve your mobile app's user experience …

Posted Nov 10th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

espresso framework

Appium vs. Espresso

Learn the differences between Appium and Espresso for mobile app testing.

Posted Nov 9th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

8 Steps for Planning a Mobile Testing Strategy

Learn the best practices and steps for creating a winning mobile testing strategy.

Posted Nov 2nd, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Accelerate Mobile Beta Testing

Best Practices for Effective Mobile Testing: The Modern Mobile Automated Testing Pyramid

Learn about our reimagined mobile test automation pyramid for modern DevOps practices.

Posted Nov 1st, 2022

by Wim Selles

Top 5 iOS App Testing Frameworks

Learn about the top test automation frameworks for testing iOS apps, including the benefits and …

Posted Oct 28th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Real Device Testing Cloud

6 Benefits of a Real Device Cloud vs. Physical/On-Premises Real Devices for Mobile App Testing

Some mobile app development teams today are still dealing with the challenges of maintaining …

Posted Oct 14th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Virtual Device (Emulator and Simulator) vs. Real Device: What is the Difference?

This guide discusses the differences between virtual devices (emulators/simulators) and real …

Posted Sep 28th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

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How to Choose Mobile Devices for Testing 2022

Learn the latest best practices for knowing which mobile devices to test on, plus our recommended …

Posted Sep 26th, 2022

by Ashwini Sathe

Connect your Workstation

What Is Cloud Mobile Testing?

In this post, we explain what cloud mobile testing is, the benefits of cloud mobile testing, and …

Posted Sep 23rd, 2022

by Sauce Labs

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iOS 16 Now Available for Testing in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

Another September, another highly anticipated Apple launch: with iOS 16 released, now is the time …

Posted Sep 13th, 2022

by Sauce Labs


Why a Real Device Testing Cloud is Good for Business

Maintaining physical devices can be costly, risky, and unsustainable in a way that negatively …

Posted Sep 1st, 2022

by Sauce Labs

Appium vs. XCUITest vs. Espresso + mobile v2

Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Framework

In this post, Ashwini Sathe reviews the options available for mobile test automation frameworks and …

Posted Jul 8th, 2022

by Ashwini Sathe

Web and mobile applications

Debug and Release Faster with Sauce Labs Mobile App Diagnostics

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly essential to everyday activities: banking, healthcare, …

Posted Jun 16th, 2022

by Ashwini Sathe

Mobile Development

What is a DevOps Test Toolchain and Why it Matters for Your Mobile App Development

The digital experience is now primary to our everyday lives. Our recent consumer report, Every …

Posted May 5th, 2022

by Ashwini Sathe, Michael Donovan

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Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

My grandmother used to say, ‘There’s more than one way to bake a cake.’ It’s a softer version of …

Posted Jan 13th, 2022

by Marcus Merrell

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Testing Does not Stop After Code is Pushed into Production

Your mileage may vary on Ryan Gosling films. I happen to be a fan, and I always chuckle during the …

Posted Jan 4th, 2022

by Marcus Merrell

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100% Test Automation is Not a Good Goal

If you have ever seen the 1976 movie ‘All the President’s Men’ you may remember the phrase “follow …

Posted Dec 21st, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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9 Mobile App Testing Trends to Look For in 2022

This blog post discusses the mobile application testing trends for 2022 that software development …

Posted Dec 20th, 2021

by Ashwini Sathe, Marcus Merrell


Testers Should Absolutely Be Part of the Scrum Teams

As a pragmatist, one thing that bothers me in movies is when characters withhold critical …

Posted Dec 14th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Failed Tests Can Be a Good Thing, as Long as You're Not Tolerating Too Many of Them

“Why do we fall?” This is a question directed at a young Bruce Wayne by the lovable butler Alfred …

Posted Dec 7th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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2022 is Coming: 8 Mobile App Development Trends to Look For

This blog post will examine the 2022 forecast for mobile application development, including the …

Posted Dec 6th, 2021

by Ashwini Sathe, Marcus Merrell

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Testing APIs is Every Bit Important as Testing the UI

What we’ve covered so far in this series has largely involved the importance of keeping the user …

Posted Nov 30th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Selenium is a Terrific Automation Framework, but it’s Not a Strategy

Here at Sauce Labs, we love Selenium. It was created by our co-founder Jason Huggins, so it will …

Posted Nov 23rd, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Sauce Labs and Qualitest for Mobile Test Automation

Posted Nov 17th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

Marcus Merrell

Test Automation Should Not Be Used to Replace Humans

This week, we discuss the different circumstances that do and do not call for test automation. …

Posted Nov 16th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

Marcus Merrell

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs & CTOs Knew About Testing: The Goal of Testing is Risk Mitigation, Not Perfect Software

In my 18 years of working in quality engineering and the testing community, I’ve developed some …

Posted Nov 9th, 2021

by Marcus Merrell

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Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid vs. Progressive Web Apps: Key Differences for Development and Mobile Testing

This article explains how native, web, hybrid and progressive web apps vary, how to choose the …

Posted Oct 28th, 2021

by Sauce Labs

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Better Together: Why You Should Leverage Emulators and Simulators for Web App Testing

Posted Aug 31st, 2021

by Ashwini Sathe

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Best Practices for Mobile Application Beta Testing

This article gives a thorough explanation of how beta testing works, why it’s important, and how to …

Posted Aug 25th, 2021