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AngularJS Data Models: $http VS $resource VS Restangular
Posted by Bill McGee in AngularJSJavaScript

Sauce Labs software developer Alan Christopher Thomas and his team have been hard at work updating our stack. He shared with us some insight into their dev process, so we thought we'd show off what he's done. Read his post below. Over the past few months, the Sauce Labs web team has fixed its crosshairs on several bits of our stack that needed to be refreshed. One of those [...]

Re-Blog: JavaScript Multi Module Project – Continuous Integration
Posted by Bill McGee in Guest Blog PostsJavaScript

Our friend Lubos Krnac describes how to integrate Sauce with Protractor in a quest to implement continuous integration in his JavaScript multi module project with Grunt. Below is a quote from his most recent blog post along side some code. Read the rest of his post to get the full how-to here. An important part of this setup is Protractor integration [...]

JavaScript Unit Testing API Revamped
Posted by Jonah Stiennon in JavaScriptSoftware Development & TestingUncategorized

Sauce provides a shortcut API for running Javascript unit tests (like Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha, and YUI Test) on all browsers using our cloud. The old way of doing things: Before the unit test API was added, running frontend javascript tests using Selenium was pretty messy. One had to point the Selenium browser at the page which ran/reported the tests then inspect DOM elements on the page looking [...]

Automatically Test Your JavaScript Framework with BrowserSwarm
Posted by Ashley Wilson in JavaScriptNews & Product Updates

Today we're excited to announce, along with the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft and appendTo, a new tool called BrowserSwarm for automatically testing JavaScript across various browsers. Powered on the backend by Sauce Labs' cloud testing platform, BrowserSwarm provides an easy way for JavaScript framework authors to automatically test their projects across multiple browser and devices [...]

Introducing Cross-Browser JavaScript Unit Testing on Sauce Labs
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptNews & Product Updates

Today we're excited to announce a new and improved way to test your JavaScript unit tests on the Sauce Labs cloud.  These changes, including a revamped REST API, provide an easy way for JavaScript developers to do massive cross-browser testing of their apps without setting up or maintaining any test infrastructure. Using Sauce for your JS unit testing gives you instant access [...]

Sauce Labs Adds Expanded JavaScript Unit Testing Capabilities to its Cloud Testing Platform
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptNews & Product Updates

Developers now able to easily cross-browser test JavaScript components using Sauce Labs’ secure, enterprise-grade testing infrastructure SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (Sept. 12, 2013) – Sauce Labs Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based mobile and web application testing solutions, today announced expanded platform support and new features for JavaScript (JS) Unit Testing on Sauce. [...]

Mocha Sauce for JavaScript Unit Tests, Created by Paul Bakaus
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptUncategorized

Paul Bakaus, CTO of Studio 5 at Zynga, and a prodigious doer of things who created jQuery UI and the Aves Engine, created Mocha Sauce for use by the Zynga development team, and he was kind enough to write a little about it. Read on to learn about why he created Mocha Sauce. You can find Mocha Sauce on Github. Mocha Sauce is a bleeding edge project that connects Mocha with Sauce Labs. It [...]

Guest Post: Testing JavaScript with Yeti and Sauce Labs WebDriver with Ryuichi Okumura
Posted by Bill McGee in JavaScriptUncategorized

When we read YUI contributor Ryuichi Okumura's blog post on testing JavaScript with Yeti and Sauce, we thought it was an awesome use of Sauce, and wanted to share it with you. Ryuichi kindly gave us the green light to post-cross this, so read on to hear about how he's using Sauce for JS testing, and check out his Twitter and Github. We've recently been quite busy developing a number of [...]

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