WebdriverIO v8 Release

Learn about what's new in WebdriverIO v8.

Posted Dec 1st, 2022

by  Christian Bromann

Sauce Labs

November '22 Updates: iOS 16.1 and Latest iPads on Simulators & Real Devices, Announcing Our Community Fellows, and More

Fall is on the way out, and we have a lot to be grateful for: hot apple cider, extra helpings of …

Posted Nov 30th, 2022

by Meg Grasmick

Sauce Labs developer with laptop

Announcing the Fellows in the Sauce Labs Open Source Community Fellowship Program

Sauce Labs welcomes the new fellows who will be working on Elemental Selenium, a worthwhile open …

Posted Nov 30th, 2022

by Paloma Oliveira

Asset > Selenium 4 Logo Badge

Simplify Environment Setup with Selenium Manager

Improve how you stay up-to-date on the latest browser drivers. With shorter release cycles, it can …

Posted Nov 22nd, 2022

by Boni Garcia

Accelerate Mobile Beta Testing

Best Practices for Effective Mobile Testing: The Modern Mobile Automated Testing Pyramid

Learn about our reimagined mobile test automation pyramid for modern DevOps practices.

Posted Nov 1st, 2022

by Wim Selles

Sauce Labs

October ’22 Updates: Hacktoberfest, API Innovator of the Year, iOS 16 & iPhone 14 Series on Simulators, The Latest Real Devices and Browsers for Testing, and More

Double, double, toil, and trouble: our cauldron is bubbling with everything you need to make …

Posted Oct 26th, 2022

by Meg Grasmick

Sauce Labs Community

Sauce Labs Launches Community Fellowship Program Focused on Open Source

Sauce Labs is proud to launch our brand new Community Fellowship Program. The program aims to …

Posted Oct 25th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

A Getting Started Guide to Setting Up Jenkins

The goal of this getting started guide is to help development teams configure Jenkins continuous …

Posted Oct 19th, 2022

by Marcus Merrell

Automated Testing Flow

4 Challenges in Test Automation (and How to Solve Them)

Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges that arise when QA teams begin implementing …

Posted Oct 18th, 2022

by Chris Riley


Top 5 JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks in 2022

Chris Tozzi reviews the most popular JavaScript test automation frameworks and presents several …

Posted Oct 13th, 2022

by Chris Tozzi

Image > Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest 101

Join Sauce Labs for Hacktoberfest 2022! Learn more about the event and how you can participate.

Posted Oct 11th, 2022

by James Tacker

The Monthly Sauce: Product News & Insights

September 2022 Product News, Events, and Test Automation Insights

Welcome to the September 2022 issue of The Monthly Sauce! At Sauce Labs, we believe that every …

Posted Sep 22nd, 2022

by Meg Grasmick

Sauce Labs

August 2022 Product News, Events, and Test Automation Insights

Welcome to The Monthly Sauce! At Sauce Labs, we believe that every experience matters. It’s what …

Posted Aug 30th, 2022

by Sauce Labs

How much contract testing vs. E2E functional testing will help you accelerate releases without reducing quality or raising QA costs?

Accelerating Releases with Quality: Contract Testing vs. E2E Functional Testing

Good API testing should give developers confidence that services will run and perform as expected …

Posted Jul 8th, 2022

by Gabe Kaufman