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Reducing Regression Execution Times
Posted by Israel Felix in AutomationBest PracticesContinuous IntegrationGuest Blog Posts

We all know the saying "time is money." QA managers are constantly under pressure not only to deliver high-quality software products, but also to do so within time constraints. Regression testing is a vital component in any software development life cycle to ensure that no new errors are introduced as a result of new features or the correction of existing bugs. Every time we modify existing [...]

[Webinar] Measuring Your Way to Successful Automation
Posted by Bill McGee in AutomationBest PracticesWebinars

In today’s modern app development workflow process, speed is king. The faster you can test, the faster your app can go to market. However, most QA folks are stuck using the same old tools and processes and never get a free minute to investigate how to make their work better, let alone shift to automated testing processes to help them deliver better software faster. Developing a set of [...]

The Benefits of Parallel Testing

Running in slow motion? Are you running, but can’t make your feet move as fast as you want them to? This is a common feeling among beginners, as well as experienced automation developers. As your regression suite grows, it takes longer to run tests, and soon you have a problem because your regression suite is running longer and longer. There are a few approaches to smarter testing: reduce [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Automated Testing
Posted by Ely Hechtel in AutomationMobileMobile Development & Testing

  Test automation can bring many benefits to your mobile app testing cycles, allowing you to build better apps with less effort. It is less time consuming as well! Many companies still run only manual tests because they don’t know how to properly integrate automated testing in their app development process. Keep on reading to find out the top benefits of automated testing! Automated [...]

Recap: Test Automation Newbie? Robot Framework Will Save the Day! [Webinar]
Posted by Bill McGee in AutomationSoftware Development & TestingWebinars

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our recent webinar, “Test Automation Newbie? Robot Framework Will Save the Day“, featuring Bryan Lamb (Founder, and Chris Broesamle (Solutions Engineer, Sauce Labs), The webinar demonstrated how you can use Robot Framework, an open source, generic framework to create continuous automated regression tests for [...]

Guest post: Proving that an application is as broken as intended
Posted by Björn Kimminich in AutomationGuest Blog PostsJavaScript

Typically you want to use end-to-end (e2e) tests to prove that everything works as intended in a realistic environment. In the Juice Shop application that idea is changed to the contrary. Here the main purpose of the e2e test suite is to prove that the application is as broken as intended! Juice Shop: Broken beyond hope - but on purpose! "WTF?" you might ask, and rightfully so. Juice Shop is a [...]

Immutable Infrastructure
Posted by Greg Sypolt in AutomationBest PracticesGuest Blog Posts

Server hugging is a disease In the dark days before immutable servers, people clung to servers and treated them as untouchable gold. These people still exist, and hang onto their servers instead of moving into the Cloud. They are server huggers. What does the term “server hugger” mean? Its the desire to “touch” servers, “reboot” them on a regular basis, [...]

[Webinar] Test Automation Newbie? Robot Framework Will Save the Day!
Posted by Bill McGee in AgileAutomationWebinars

You're a tester on an Agile development team. You're drowning in regression tests and limiting your team's velocity. You know you need to automate those tests, ideally on multiple browsers. You know you can't do it without a test automation framework. If you’re responsible for creating diverse, scalable automated tests but don’t have the time, budget, or a skilled-enough team to [...]

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