Best Practices in Mobile CI [WEBINAR]

Posted Apr 22nd, 2015

Modern organizations today feel immense pressure to deliver better software faster, and this is no different in the mobile space. The best practice of Continuous Integration for web dev has been embraced for years as it is a proven mechanism that accelerates production cycles. However,mobile developers have been slow to adopt CI, despite needing a quick go-to-market plan. In large part, this is because mobile brings with it a set of unique challenges that make implementation tough. Nevertheless, tools have evolved and mobile development teams now have many options to choose from to implement a solid mobile CI system. In our next webinar, Kevin Rohling (Emberlight, and Kristian Meier (Sauce Labs) will cover best practices in implementing a mobile CI system and demonstrate how you can easily build, test, and deploy mobile apps. This webinar will cover:

  • What makes mobile CI so different
  • Best ways to use emulators and simulators in testing
  • Suggestions for CI tools and testing frameworks for mobile

There will be a Q&A with both Kevin and Kristian following the end of the presentation. Want to get more mobile CI tips? Check out Kevin's last blog post.

Written by

Bill McGee


CI/CDMobile Testing