Automatically Test Your JavaScript Framework with BrowserSwarm

Posted Sep 26th, 2013

Today we're excited to announce, along with the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft and appendTo, a new tool called BrowserSwarm for automatically testing JavaScript across various browsers.

Powered on the backend by Sauce Labs' cloud testing platform, BrowserSwarm provides an easy way for JavaScript framework authors to automatically test their projects across multiple browser and devices with the click of a button.

Connecting directly to your Github repo, tests are automatically kicked off and run on Sauce each time your team makes a change. Sauce has 160+ browser / OS combinations in the cloud so developers don't waste precious time and resources setting this up themselves.  After the tests are done, you can view the video, screenshots and raw logs to identify and debug failures faster.

Why BrowserSwarm?

With an increasingly fragmented browser and device market, it's ever more important for developers to ensure cross-browser compatibility of their app or framework before public release. But maintaining a lab for test infrastructure is just not a reality for many open source projects relying on the work of a community to move development efforts forward.

That's where BrowserSwarm comes in. The goal of BrowserSwarm is to help developers spend less time testing and more time innovating - while ensuring web frameworks work exactly as expected. Projects like Dojo, Modernizr and Backbone.js have signed up to test their projects with BrowserSwarm, with more on the way.

How to add your Project to BrowserSwarm

Are you a framework author needing wanting to test your JavaScript? Begin by setting-up an account in minutes at Then:

  1. Tell us who you are

  2. Add your GitHub repo

  3. Wait for BrowserSwarm to complete the installation

  4. Publish your latest code

Going Forward

Along with BrowserSwarm, we recently announced JavaScript Unit Testing on Sauce. Sauce Labs also powers parts of modern.IE by automating the Compatibility Inspector tool so developers can easily test across modern versions of Internet Explorer like 11, 10, and 9 while supporting older versions. Between these various efforts, our hope is that more developers and project authors can make testing an integral part of their development efforts.

If you have feedback on how Microsoft, appendTo, and Sauce can improve BrowserSwarm, please shoot a note to let us know.

Happy testing!

Written by

Ashley Wilson


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