Ask a Selenium Expert: Should I Test Load with Selenium?

Posted May 22nd, 2014

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selenium testing & sauceThis is the 7th question in a series of 8 from Selenium expert Dave Haeffner. Read up on the firstsecondthirdfourthfifth, and sixth

During our recent webinar, “Selenium Bootcamp,” Dave discussed  how to build out a well factored, maintainable, resilient, and parallelized suite of tests that run locally, on a Continuous Integration system, and in the cloud. The question below is number 7 of 8 in a mini series of follow-up questions.

7. ­If I want to test load using Selenium, will I have to run the same test multiple times in one "script" or can I instruct Selenium to run it multiple times?

While you could use Selenium to test load, it's not the best tool for the job since it's pretty expensive to achieve this outcome. There are better tools suited for the job -- like JMeter or Gattling. That being said, there are some companies that specialize in Selenium-based load testing. You can find some of them on the 'Commercial Support' section of the Selenium HQ Support page. Alternatively, you could try a more home grown approach like I outline in this write-up.

-Dave Haeffner, April 9, 2014

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