Announcing the new and improved Sauce Ruby Gem

Posted Sep 6th, 2012

We're pleased to announce a new release of the Sauce ruby gem! After a lot of refactoring, version 2 of the gem is a dramatic step forward for Sauce on Ruby. Here are a couple built-in features we think you'll enjoy with this 2.0 release.

Baked-In Capybara Support

Capybara is now a fundamental part of the gem. Capybara is a very straight-forward DSL for interacting with web pages in a "cross-driver" fashion. This means you can easily start writing tests rapidly using the default rack-test driver, then switch to the `:sauce` driver when you need a real browser.

Different Flavors of Sauce

This release introduces two new gems to the Sauce Ruby family: sauce-cucumber and sauce-jasmine. The sauce-cucumber gem introduces an integration with the Behavior-Driven Development tool Cucumber. Using Cucumber, it is now possible to start the development process on Sauce and use it all the way through to the development of features (sometimes referred to as "Acceptance-Test Driven Development"). The support for running Jasmine tests on Sauce with the sauce-jasmine gem is particularly exciting. Jasmine is a unit testing library for JavaScript, with a design inspired by RSpec. It allows front-end developers to write concise unit tests for their increasingly complex web applications. With the sauce-jasmine gem, it's now trivial to take existing Jasmine tests and run them on top of Sauce. Please note: Version 2 of the Sauce gem is not entirely backwards compatible with version 1 of the gem. If you're relying on functionality that is provided by version 1, we recommend sticking with older releases. For more info or to start testing with Cucumber on Sauce, check out this quick and easy guide to getting started. Happy testing!

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