Announcing the DevOps Express Alliance

Posted Sep 14th, 2016

Today Sauce Labs joins 13 other DevOps technology leaders as part of the DevOps Express alliance, a new collaborative effort to deliver integrated solutions, support, and best practices to enterprises who are looking to adopt DevOps.

Every enterprise is in the software business these days, and delivering a high-quality software experience has become a marketplace reality and a competitive imperative. Many organizations aspire to be agile, and are wishing to embrace DevOps, but don't know where to get started. Searching "DevOps" in Google returns more than 21 million results - there's plenty of information on what DevOps means, and how software development is evolving, but not much actionable insight. 

The goal of the DevOps Express Alliance, then, is to bring together leading DevOps tools providers to offer a solution-oriented approach designed to help enterprises accelerate DevOps adoption. By providing sample reference architectures, documentation, and a support alliance to help understand and resolve issues that may occur between various alliance tools, DevOps Express will help enterprises as they begin their DevOps journey.

Written by

The Sauce Labs Team