Announcing New Team Activity Reports

Posted May 17th, 2017

New feature helps you more effectively track your Sauce usage among individuals, and quickly understand adoption across each group

For many of our customers Sauce Labs in an important part of their release process, and effective management of Sauce resources requires that organizations track adoption and how effectively each team is using resources allocated to them.

Today we are rolling out a new set of reporting features that enable Sauce customers to more effectively track the usage among individuals within their organization, and quickly understand adoption across each group. This new functionality is available on our Team Management pages and provides a way to for Org Owners and Parent Accounts to track which users within the company are actively testing on Sauce Labs, how effectively are they using allocated concurrency, and how many tests they’ve been running.

Quickly see which users are testing on Sauce
We’ve added a series of columns so that group owners can track the peak concurrency that each subaccount has hit, the number of tests that user ran, as well as the time when the last test was executed for the past 30 days.

Track service utilization by individual group
A new report can be filtered by individual username or by a group of sub accounts (as long as they share the same parent) allowing managers to focus on Sauce utilization by their organization.

Export your data for further analysis
Finally, users will be able to export all of the displayed data to a CSV file for further analysis (or for use in your own quality dashboard). The CSV files contain additional fields that are not displayed in the UI (e.g. Last Login) and more detailed activity data.

This is a first step in our long-term goal of improving team management on Sauce Labs, and you should expect to see additional enhancements in the upcoming months.

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Ken Drachnik