A framework for Selenium that doesn't suck

Posted Feb 11th, 2013

This is a guest blog post by Dave Haeffner, the founder and Captain of Arrgyle (a boutique QA consultancy), and the co-organizer of Selenium Hangout .

Too often teams approach automation with Selenium but get stymied by the infrastructure needed to get up and running. Element 34 took this problem head on and created Saunter, an open source framework for Selenium that removes these roadblocks and says, ‘Here, do it like this. It will work well and you won't have to build it yourself’.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

We think Saunter goes about this the right way by following convention over configuration, coming wired ready for your Continuous Integration server, and integrates with Sauce Labs for simple and scalable cross-browser execution.

But it's not available in Ruby. So we ported it -- after adding a little bit of our own flair, of course. Introducing Chemistry Kit -- a Ruby version of Saunter.

How to get started and stay connected

Check out our Getting Started guide on the project GitHub page and you can also see a working example project here. For ChemistryKit related news, updates, and examples, be sure to check out Arrgyle.com.

Dave Haeffner is a man on a mission -- to help people achieve their potential through effective technology use. He has spent the last 5 years working in the Test Automation and Quality Assurance space, helping various companies achieve better software quality through less effort. This is the current focus of his company (Arrgyle), which emphasizes the use of sound strategy, simple process, and open source tooling. Dave is also the co-organizer of Selenium Hangout, has spoken at various Agile conferences, and holds a Master of Science in the Management of IT from the University of Virginia.

Written by

Dave Haeffner