A Bold New Look!

Posted Mar 1st, 2016

Today you probably noticed that Sauce Labs has a bold new look!

Those of you that know and love Sauce might be asking: why the change? The answer has a lot to do with you – our loyal users, advocates and friends. When we asked you why you love Sauce the answer was consistent and simple: we accelerate your testing. Development and quality teams from around the globe choose Sauce to speed up their tests – on average, up to 10 times faster – so they can focus more on innovating and less on testing. And yet our logo looked like it was taking us on the long, slow road to Grandma’s house!

Old Sauce Labs Logo

Simply put, the Sauce brand was out of alignment with the value we provide.

So, today we are happy to introduce the new Sauce Labs logo:

New Sauce Labs Logo Lockup

The new logo (which Saucers refer to as the bolt) represents our commitment to speed and how we help accelerate innovation for our customers. The single line that zips through the bold red represents a lightning bolt for speed while also forming an S and an L. Do you see it? It’s a bold heroic mark, yet approachable with its round edges. The typeface emphasizes “Sauce,” the nickname you gave us. And the font leans forward, representing our commitment to continue to innovate and revolutionize testing.

And, lastly, it looks great on stuff.

SL T-Shirt-Mockup-Front

Sauce Doggy

In fact, that shirt looks like something a testing superhero might want to wear… the first 10 readers to tweet #testingsuperhero will get one!

Happy Testing!

P.S. You can also check out our new brand video.

Written by

Terri Avnaim


Automated Testing