5/19 Meetup Videos: How Mozilla and LinkedIn use Selenium

Posted Jun 1st, 2010

We had another successful meetup on May 19 (the enthusiasm from you guys just keeps getting better!), and are pleased to share video highlights of the presentations. Mozilla did more than just host the event; they offered up QA engineer Stephen Donner and QA intern Raymond Etornam to share how Mozilla benefits from using Selenium Grid and Hudson to test their web applications using continuous integration. A great Q&A ensued, with Stephen explaining how and why Mozilla has come to adopt this more structured system over time. This was followed by a superb presentation from Wade Catron, QA Automation Engineer at LinkedIn. He showed how the page object pattern, which LinkedIn implemented six months ago, has helped to create cleaner, more readable test scripts for the QA team, and he also shared some cool tricks! As always, please check out our meetup page or follow us on Twitter to hear the latest on our Selenium events. The next meetup is June 22 and will be hosted by our friends at StumbleUpon. Details to come, so stay tuned! Stephen Donner and Raymond Etornam's Presentation at 5/19 Meetup Q&A pt.1 with Stephen Donner and Raymond Etornam Q&A pt.2 with Stephen Donner and Raymond Etornam Wade Catron's Presentation, Part 1 Wade Catron's Presentation, Part 2 Wade Catron's Presentation, Part 3 Q&A with Wade Catron

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Ashley Wilson


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