What Is Selenium Testing

Cofigure your Tests within your CI Server

Selenium is an open source platform that automates the process of testing mobile and Web apps.  Selenium simply reproduces how a person interacts with your web app by automating the process of filling in forms, clicking on images and links and veifying that certain images show up properly. You can write your test scripts in the language you are familiar with (.NET, Java, Python etc) and run them in Selenium.  This enables QA, developers, and even project managers (PM) to review and develop tests faster, speeding up the time to market.

Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based Web and mobile app automated testing tool that integrates with CI servers including Bamboo, Jenkins and others.

Sauce Labs offers the largest cloud for Selenium testing with 700+ browsers, OSes and devices. You can run tests in parallel to reduce your testing time by up to 80% . Using Sauce Connect, our secure tunnel, you can run your scripts and access data and assets, securely, behind the firewall, while executing the commands on our cloud.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Run Selenium tests - Sauce Labs supports all the Selenium language bindings
  • Test firewalled and local apps, while accessing and maintaining policies
  • Integration - Optimized for testing in a continuous integration (CI) workflow with a focus on scalability and reliability
  • Instant reports - Get your results automatically — along with video and screenshots — so you’ll know exactly what to fix if your test fails
  • Access live remote desktop - Manually take control of the “breakpoint”, emulator, or simulator to stop the test session and rectify the bug

Focus on testing instead of maintaining a bunch of testing environments. Want to know more about Selenium testing, sign up for a free trial.