What Is Mobile Application Testing

What Is Mobile Application Testing?

Short answer: mobile application testing is a vital part of the app development process that helps to ensure a bug-free app for a better consumer experience. It sounds easy enough, so why do you need it? With the huge proliferation of mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems, making sure your app is error-free on any system is essential to getting consumers to buy and use your app. Buggy apps don't get used and savvy consumers get frustrated quickly with apps that don't work as advertised. With more companies developing mobile products in an ever-expanding marketplace attracting consumers, and thus testing your mobile app, is essential. Utilizing the open source framework Appium, Sauce Labs supports numerous languages and frameworks to meet all your mobile application testing needs.

If you're already manually testing your mobile app, but are looking to increase your speed and efficiency, automating your mobile app testing is the answer. To ensure that your app runs on any device, testing the same app you release is highly recommended; and Appium is the best open source mobile app testing framework that's designed to do just that. With Appium testing from Sauce Labs you can write your web app in any of the popular open source languages and produce a bug-free app.

Do you think that means you'll have to sacrifice security or features? Not with Sauce Labs cloud-based testing, where you can also manually test your app; and using Sauce Connect, our secure firewall tunneling, ensures your product security. Sauce Labs makes mobile application testing fast, easy, and secure.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your mobile application testing needs?

  • Multiple testing frameworks – Appium supports numerous open source frameworks such as MonkeyTalk, KIT, Calabash, Robotium, and Selendroid
  • Automated testing – speed up your development using Appium automated testing
  • Continuous integration – Sauce Connect allows you to work from the safety and security of your own CI server

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