Website Testing Tool

Functional Testing Across Browsers and OSes

Any website or application, before releasing it in the marketplace, needs to be tested on multiple platforms and browsers. Manual testing of applications slows down the process, leading to delay in bringing the apps to the market. Automate your testing process using web testing tools from Sauce Labs.

Sauce labs offers an automated testing platform, which can speed up your testing across over 700 OS and browser combinations. Being cloud-based, it is fast, secure, reliable, and can help developers execute tests as they develop it.

Supporting functional testing with Selenium, you can run parallel tests across as many OS and browsers platforms reducing your testing time by up to 80%.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Test in Parallel to greatly reduce your testing time.
  • Over 700 browser / OS combinations and mobile simulators, emulators and real devices to test against.
  • Integrates with multiple continuous integration (CI) systems, including Jenkins, as part of your agile development process.
  • Analysis tools such as screenshots, logs, and videos, to pinpoint errors

Spend less time testing, and more time developing great web apps. Try it now.