Website Testing Plan

Create a Website Testing Plan

Manually testing Websites can be extremely time-consuming, error prone and lead to uneven results. Developing a Selenium test grid is one answer but many find maintaining your own set of browser and OS images is expensive and error-prone. Now, with Sauce Labs, you can set up a website testing plan using their cloud-based platform to quickly produce bug-free apps.

Thanks to an increased focus on continuous integration, application testing has evolved rapidly and now takes place concurrently alongside the development of the actual application. Sauce Labs can test your app across over 650 different browser/OS combinations and provides detailed diagnostic reports.

Sauce Labs supercharges your website testing with:

  • Automated testing - run multiple tests in parallel to greatly reduce testing time
  • Simple Script Generation - write your test scripts in your preferred language: Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET etc
  • Complete coverage - test apps on over 650 browser/OS combinations

Put your website testing plan into action with Sauce Labs while streamlining your app development and testing processes. Click now for a 14 day trial!