Website Checker

Scale up with confidence by setting up a secure and reliable website checker

Scale your Website with confidence by setting up a secure and reliable website checker

Today’s websites are more complex than ever and require more than simple tests to check for broken links, proper rendering, and form execution etc. And, checking websites, manually, across the wide variety of browsers you need them to work on is a time consuming process – one that is ripe for automation. Enter Sauce Labs for a secure, reliable solution for automating functional testing of your web apps.

Sauce Labs offers a Continuous Integration (CI) ready testing platform that can be used to run JavaScript unit and functional tests written with Selenium and Appium. Check your Web and mobile apps (including native, hybrid, and mobile web), across more than 650 browsers, OS, device, and platform combinations automatically, saving you time and money.

With Sauce Labs, you can:

  • Test over 650 browser/OS/device platform combinations – in parallel
  • Work with on-demand VMs, simulators, and emulators to remove infrastructure and maintenance overheads
  • Eliminate issues related to un-updated browsers, OS systems, or residual data from old tests on VMs
  • Test firewalled apps securely with Sauce Connect
  • Manually take control of the browser or emulator to stop automation and diagnose issues

With API support for all of the most popular CI servers including: Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, or TeamCity, we help you maximize your website checking process, while speeding up your development cycle.

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