Web Testing Tools

Web and Browser Automation Tool

Web functional testing is a crucial step in your development process to determine if all the items on the page render properly.  All of these users could be on different browsers and operating system and it is up to the organization to ensure that when a user visits the website, that the experience is as smooth as possible. Imagine going to a website that consistently had frames that overlapped or buttons that did not submit.

Fortunately there are testing tools to make the mobile and website testing process more efficient by automating repetitive manual tests.  To test that your website displays properly on many different browsers, you need a tool that works across multiple browsers, devices and platforms.

The benefits of automated testing with Sauce Labs includes:

  • Instant Access - No waiting, ever.  We have concurrent instances (VMs) that spin up instantly so you can test on the browser / OS you need. 
  • Save time - Automate your tests and run them in parallel to  accelerate your testing speed by up to 10x
  • Complete coverage - we support more than 800+ OS/browser combos, so you can test on what your users are running on
  • Security - secure tunneling and new VMs for every test, mean your data is safe and your tests are clean

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