Web Testing

Web Testing with Sauce

The evolution of any website involves developing applications with the help of fast, real-time testing to check the accuracy and awesomeness of each app. Old school waterfall testing had a certain order: plan, develop, test, repeat – a slow, painful process. Today, with agile development practices, you can blend cycles – cutting development time significantly.

Sauce Labs is on a mission to accelerate the dev process, allowing testing for mobile and web applications to be done quickly across a vast array of browsers and Oses to help you improve quality.  

Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based application testing solution, allowing you to:

    • Stay ahead of your competition by releasing more often
    • Run automated Selenium and Appium tests 
    • Accelerate your tests by up to 10x.  

Sauce Labs lets you run automated browser and UI testing in the cloud, hassle-free – eliminate the wasted time and money on supporting your own grid. Everybody wins: the developers, the app, and the users. Sign up for your free trial now!