Web Functional Testing

Web Functional Testing with Selenium

Web functional testing is key to ensuring your app works and responds the way it was designed. It used to be that you only did functional testing during development, but now that apps are so complex and such an integral part of your business, you need to test multiple times - during development, during pre production, during production, daily and on every update.  The only way to keep up with this flood of testing is by automating the process. 

Selenium is the standard for automation of functional testing.   As an open source framework Selenium has thousands of users / developers world wide giving you the confidence that there is support and a community of users that can help you optimize your testing.  With Selenium automation, you can deploy tests many times a day, testing across many different browsers and OS combinations to make sure your app is always working properly. Imagine how many customers you would lose if say your shopping cart did not work on your site?  By testing your cart every hour (like some of our largest customers do) you can be sure that your cart is working and your customers are happy.

At Sauce, we support the world's largest Selenium test cloud running over one million tests a day.   Learn about the latest in test automation trends, watch the recording today!