Web Browser Automation

Automated Testing Across all Web Browsers

All browsers are not created equal. A web application that behaves in one web browser could misbehave in another. Nothing is more frustrating to your users than a broken page or link to nowhere. App users demand perfect performance, the first time.

Individually testing your app manually in each browser across multiple Oses is a very slow, tedious job and can stifle the development process. Only by automating these tests over a wide variety of browsers can you hope to reduce your test time and improve quality.  Selenium, the open source standard for automated testing, is the key to testing quickly.  Selenium automates all the actions that you need to use to test a web app allowing you to speed your testing and reduce the time it takes you to release your app.    

At Sauce Labs, we increase the speed of testing by:

  • Automating your tests with the open standard Selenium framework
  • Running apps on Windows, Safari, Firefox and Chrome automatically and in parallel
  • Integrating with your CI server so tests are automatically initiated with every submission 

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