Web Application Testing Tools

Testing Tools that Software QA and Developers Dream of

Web application testing is a critical part of an organization’s development processes to verify if the page renders correctly when your users view it. Traditionally this was done manually at the end of a development workflow, and was generally the slowest step in the development process. To speed the testing process, you need a Web app testing platform that can automate test across all the browsers and OS combinations that your users are likely to use.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based automated testing platform that supports functional testing with Selenium - the standard open source testing framework. It’s reliable, fast, secure and allows your engineers to author and execute tests automatically. You can run tests concurrently across as many browsers and OS platforms as you need, in the cloud, without the expense or time sink of managing your own test grid.Sauce Labs Automated Testing Platform provides a secure and reliable way to automate functional testing of all your web applications.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Integrates with multiple CI systems, including Jenkins so you can speed your development process.
  • Supports testing of both public and private facing (or firewalled) Web apps and data via Sauce Connect, our secure tunnel.
  • Offers analysis tools such as videos, screenshots, and logs to pinpoint errors.
  • Write tests in any language that you are familiar with.
  • Tests are run in secure datacenter on new VMs that are deleted after each run, ensuring security of your data, and reducing the chance of failures due to false positives.

Spend less time looking for test failures, and more time releasing great apps. Try it now.