Web App Testing

Run Tests Concurrently Across Multiple Browsers

Developing Web applications and testing them to check if they render correctly is critical to the success of your app. Traditionally, testing was done using waterfall methodologies - each stage of development was completed before the code moved onto the next stage.  As a result, testing didn't happen until the end of the development process. Today, with agile development practices, you develop and test code at the same time which means you need to test quickly and often. To speed up your testing process, you need an automated Web app testing platform which can test across all the browsers and OSs your viewers use.

Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based automated testing platform that allows you to run our tests concurrently across all the browsers and OSes you need, without having to manage your own test farm. Sauce Labs supports functional testing with Selenium - the de-facto standard, open source, testing framework.

Sauce Labs automated testing platform offers a secure and reliable functional testing of all your web applications.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • Over 700 browser / OS combinations instantly available for testing
  • Integrates with the most popular CI servers, including Jenkins
  • Supports testing of both private and public facing data and Web apps via Sauce Connect
  • Analysis tools such as screenshots, videos, and logs that you can playback to identify errors
  • Scales your existing tests any language and testing frameworks

With access to over 700 desktop browsers and mobile platforms, you eliminate the overhead of managing your own internal infrastructure. Try Sauce Labs now.