Testing Tools For Mobile Apps

Test Across iOS and Android devices with Appium

Due to the variety of mobile devices, and platforms, available in the marketplace today, app developers must work faster, without sacrificing quality, to quickly get a bug-free app to market. Manually testing mobile apps is time consuming, does not cover all the use cases you need and is usually the bottleneck in you agile / continuous integration (CI) work flow. What you need is a solution that automates your tests and gives you the tools to help you identify bugs quickly. Appium is the open source framework that automates mobile testing that lets you run your tests on all the different user platforms your customers use to be sure it works correctly. As the experts in Appium, we always support the latest capabilities so you can test fast across iOS and Android devices.

Sauce Labs maintains an up-to-date testing cloud of iOS and Android simulators, emulators, and even real devices. Setup tests in parallel across any or all of devices and even desktop browsers to see how your responsive apps perform across all the devices your customers use. Because we use Appium, which allows you to write your test scripts in whatever language you are most comfortable with, you can write tests fast and stay productive. And with Sauce Connect, our secure TLS technology, you can run all your tests from your own CI system, behind your firewall.

Why choose Sauce Labs' testing tools for mobile apps?

  • Coverage - iOS simulators, Android emulators and real devices
  • Speed - run tests in parallel speeding your tests by up to 10x
  • CI integration - Never leave Jenkins, VSTS or Bamboo - manage, schedule and review tests right from within your CI server
  • Security - secure firewall tunneling and clean VMs for every test, means your data is always secure

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