Testing Tools

Testing Tools are Key to Web Efficiency

Testing tools are the key to releasing good software quickly.  Since testing is the longest part of any software release cycle, the tools you use can mean the difference between great software that gets released on time or ok software that is late.  In choosing tools for functional testing, Selenium and Appium lead the industry. Both are open source frameworks that let you create test scripts in a wide variety of languages, support test automation and give you options to test in house or with online cloud vendors like Sauce Labs.  

Sauce Labs is the leader in Selenium and Appium testing.  As the co-creators of Selenium and leading contributor to the Appium project, we have the technology to support testing at a massive scale.  If you don't know anything about Selenium or Appium, we have training and professional serivices that can help get you started with automating your tests.

Why Sauce Labs?

  • We support the world's largest testing cloud running more than one million tests a day
  • Test native, hybrid and mobile web apps 
  • Highly secure with Sauce Connect Proxy for encrypting communication across the web

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