Testing Mobile Apps

Speed Up Testing for Your Mobile Apps

You need to release your mobile app to the app store fast and with no errors – because your app is your business. We at Sauce understand that Mobile apps aren't just desktop knock-offs, they are unique with complex gestures that need to work the same way across a huge variety of devices and form factors.. Getting your app error-free takes a lot of testing. Sure, you can manually test your app across a few devices, but what about those devices you don't have lying around that your customers use? Do you just wait for them to file a bug on your app or switch to a better app?  Well Sauce Las has you covered.

Sauce Labs offers a test cloud optimized to run Appium tests.  Appium is an open-source testing framework designed to automate the testing of native, hybrid and mobile web apps.  By automating your mobile tests and testing in the cloud, you can speed up your development cycles and improve quality by testing across many more browsers and Oses.  With Sauce Labs you can test your app simultaneously on over 80 different mobile simulators and hundreds of real devices so you can ensure a high quality app.  And, you can test your web apps across our 700+ browser/ OS combinations when you need that as well.  

What Sauce means to you:

  • Cloud-based testing - no more test grids to setup or maintain
  • Continuous integration - Sauce integrates with Jenkins, Travis, VSTS and others so you can setup, manage and review results from within your CI server.
  • Mobile and Web testing - test on mobile emulators, real devices and web browsers

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