Testing Mobile Applications

Sauce Labs is the Answer for Testing Mobile Applications

The faster your app is ready for market, the quicker the trend will take effect. Your app needs to be fast, efficient, and free of glitches.  On top of that, you need to a testing framework that lets you test your native, hybrid or mobile web apps automatically.

Appium is an open-source testing framework employed by Sauce Labs to test mobile apps written in a wide variety of languages. Since Appium utilizes the WebDriver API and JSON Wire Protocol, clients written in any language will still send the appropriate HTTP requests to the server.

Why choose Sauce Labs for Appium?

  • Test your apps across iOS and Android simulators, emulators, and real devices
  • Integrate directly with most CI systems so you can streamline your testing by defining and calling tests from within your CI
  • Test native, hybrid and mobile web apps all with the same test scripts
  • Security - we destroy our VM after every test to ensure test integrity and data security

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